About Us

ICONIC-KIDS cloth diapers was fabricated in 2009. The Founder Mrs. Ajeng Kartika Sari, initiated the brand in the middle of her activities and family business when she had her first incoming and wanted to give the best for her son like any other moms would do.

Few years back, she saw piles of used disposable diapers. she concerned and wondered how she can do something for the baby’s health and also environment by reducing family wastes.  So, she gathered informations through societies, mailing lists and forums. Then she made her first cloth diapers.

By not throwing away her education background as an Advertising disciple and her knowledges in advertising and convection including screen printing, she sees a business opportunity.

Over the years, the brand has operated in Jakarta and now the Factory moved to Bali to expand the business and keep pursuing her dreams to help babies and better environment with less wastes.

Its never too late to start Cloth Diapering

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